Friday, June 5, 2015

Why Google Sites are Great in the Classroom

The idea of creating a website can sound very scary for some people.  With Google Sites, the scariest thing is finding the right color scheme.  And Google makes that easy, too.  Go to the Google Sites page of my Tech Nerd Training website to find tutorials on how to create a Google Site.  I have a basic tutorial and an advanced tutorial.

Since it is so easy to create a Google Site, you need to think about how you can utilize one in your classroom.  There are many ways that Google Sites can be used by teachers and students.  Below are descriptions of just some of the ways Google Sites can be used in your classroom.

Classroom Website
A classroom website is a great way to keep students and parents informed about what is going on in your classroom.  You can have a page where you can post announcements, upload documents, insert a Google Calendar, and anything else you would want your students and parents to know.  Use it for spelling lists, test review, field trip reminders and more.  

Student Digital Portfolio

Students can use a Google Site to upload any digital content created at school.  Students can have a page for every year they are in school, along with a subpage for each subject every year.  The site will not need to be recreated every year, just a new page added to it.  Students can upload documents, videos, links, and more.

Online Curriculum

Teachers can create an online curriculum using a Google Site.  A new page can be created for each chapter, unit, etc.  All readings, worksheets, websites, videos, and more can be inserted for the students to follow along and utilize as you move through your content.

Lesson Plan/Content Storage

Teachers can use Sites to create lesson plans and store and sort all of the digital content they plan to use in class. This may or may not be a website to share with students.  Either way, the lesson plans are there and cannot be "lost" so you have them for next year.  All of your content and resources are organized and easy to find.  No more forgetting where that video was or which website you used the year before!  Also great for days when you have subs.  The plans are there and all of the resources needed are in one spot. 

 There are an unlimited number of ways that a Google Site can be used.  Use your imagination and let your students use their imaginations.  They are free and easy to make.  Find what works best for your classroom.

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